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Lieutenant Commander Eric Stevenson

Name Eric Stevenson

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6''
Weight 323
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He is a hulk, very large muscular man, but very agile for his size. His size is very intimidating.


Spouse Divorced
Children Jennifer..age 9
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Sister(s) Two Sisters
Los Angeles CA
Louisville Ky
Other Family Aunts, uncles, cousins
New Orleans LA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Is a good man at heart. Loves his daughter. Helps those in need and is a good listener.
Strengths & Weaknesses Uses SpOp's training in most everything. Knowledge is now key.
Studies up on everything he does. Helps people when he can. Has a big heart. Will take the risk, if the cause was just.
Hard time "winding down"
Ambitions Tries to do the best he can at everything he does.
Wants to be a role model for his daughter
Hobbies & Interests Loves old Earth history. Especially old space travel (NASA)

Personal History Born Oct 1, 2324 to Kevin and Carol Stevenson. Kevin work for Star Fleet corps of engineers. Carol a stay home mom.
Children, Eric, Theresa, and Colleen.
Dad was gone a lot, but somehow always made it home for holiday's.
Life was pretty normal, nice place in Indiana along the Ohio River.
Eric always wanted to join Star Fleet due his fascination with space travel and his passion for old Earth space flights. He studied everything he could get his hands on. In high school he was bullied a bit for his liking of NASA. But at 15 took a growth spurt and started working out to counter the bullies. He played football and was pretty good at it. After graduation, he held back joining Star Fleet, to wait till his father was back and talk to him. He got the blessing at 19.

While in Star Fleet Academy, he was quickly accepted and became a great student. Graduating top 10% in his class.

His 4th year he met Melissa Edwards, also a Star Fleet graduate. Fell in love and married. Eric was recruited into Star Fleet Special Operations. He trained hard. Always home from training, but missions took him far from home and away from Melissa. And it took its toll. He'd call her whenever he could from where ever he was. He'd come for a few weeks, but then back out again. Melissa tried to make the most of it, had friends and family, but still missed her husband....One day while he was back home she told him that she had resigned from Star Fleet and that she was pregnant. Having a girl. She was beautiful....They named her Jennifer.
Soon after her birth he was called out again. Eric was gone almost 3 months. When he got home Melissa and Jennifer were gone. She left a message explaining why she did what she did, and begged him not to try to find her or his daughter....He complied.

His CO told him to take time to recoup, but Eric wanted to stay, to keep his mind off his pain. During a secret mission on Alton 4, while in a fire fight, he took the blunt of an explosion. He spent 6 months in the hospital. Due to his injuries, he was forced to resign from Special Operations per his CO's request. During that time, he was informed of the death of his parents, due to a shuttle accident. He couldn't leave the hospital again due to his injuries to attend the funeral ...His sisters came and told him everything. They were buried near their home.

He finally recovered, and decided to continue in Star Fleet. Going to both Star Fleet's Operations and Tactical Academy's. Again graduating top 10% in each.

He was assigned various ships, each with there own challenges and set backs, but he did the best he could. All his CO's praised his work, and his dedication to everything he did, earned him promotions quickly.

He still misses his wife and daughter. Still to this day he has not tried to contact them. He does however get messages from Melissa's father from time to and stories about Jennifer. He hopes one day that he will get to see and talk to his daughter, but until then, he'll have to wait.

He now is waiting on his next assignment.
Service Record Star Fleet Academy graduated top 10%...Ensign
Recruited, trained, severed Star Fleet Special Operations. Team 6, for 5 years...Ensign to LT
Discharged from SpOp's due to medical injury
Attended Star Fleet Operations Academy.
Attended Star Fleet Tactical Academy
Operations Officer Star Fleet Freighter Nova...LT
Operations and Tactical Officer, USS Clark...LT
Tactical and Security Officer USS Saratoga....Lt. Commander
Tactical and Security Officer USS Indianapolis...Lt. Commander
Was promoted pending new orders.

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