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1st Lieutenant Marjani Smith

Name Marjani "Voodoo" ( Nickname) Smith

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Group Commander

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 145 #
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall with an athletic build, this willowy, supple, dark skinned woman is able to fit in the fighter without any trouble. Her eyes dark brown, her hair mid back length, curly and black.


Father Abe Smith
Mother Maria Labeau
Other Family Other relatives: Grandpa Joe and Uncle Henri Smith who run a flying circus. Aunt Pearl Smith who runs a cafe, Cousin Jimmie Smith marine fighter pilot, Uncle Ruben Labeau. ( and lots of cousins too many to write down here)

No siblings ( unless you can count her cousins as siblings)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marjani is fairly easy going, laid back but also loves the thrill she gets from being in flight. She can be a flirt, with a devil may care attitude. Can be outspoken at times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Determined, hard worker. Not afraid of the odds.

She can be a bit of a thrill junkie, but time is toning it down some.
Ambitions Professional: To be the best pilot around.

Personal: Maybe find someone to spend the rest of her life with, and have some kids someday.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to play baseball, and other sports which give her the adrenaline rush. She also loves to dance, and works on airplane models. Plus likes to lend a hand with maintaining ships.

Personal History Born in the Crescent City, New Orleans, on the outskirts of town, to Maria Labeau and Abe Smith. Marjani grew up around things that could fly. Shuttles, transports, and old fashioned aircraft as well as gliders and balloons.Her dad worked as a mechanic on transports and shuttles. Her Grandpa Jo and Uncle Henri ran an airshow, and she took part in it when she was deemed old enough. That was age 14, when she received her license to pilot a glider and a hot air balloon. It thrilled her to no end, being able to do such. It put her closer to flying like the birds she loved to watch take flight. It also put her closer to being able to fly what moved faster than a bird.

Marjani had an Uncle Ruben Labeau who was a helmsman on a Star Fleet vessel, and a cousin, Jimmie Smith who was part of the marines and flew with the fighter squads. Heck, atleast a quarter of her relatives were intermixed in different areas of Star Fleet. Her mother though wasn't in Star Fleet, she ran a shop which was of the spiritual nature, and sold herbs and helped out with a small cafe, Marjani's Aunt Pearl owned.

Age 15,Marjani discovered the practice simulators of different ships and began logging in long hours to get a feel for the sort of ships she wanted to fly. Her daddy told her that it would be good to have knowlege of flying more than one sort of ship, just so she wouldn't be out of work, when she got older.

When she turned 16, Marjani got to fly a shuttle, out in the great expanse of space. She loved it and vowed she'd get out there flying when she was old enough to enlist. She did accompany her Aunt Janeen who ran supplies and took passengers to DS9. Janeen allowed her niece to fly the transport ship, giving the teen a big thrill. Marjani travelled with her aunt for about a year, then went back home to work with her folks at home. She even flew a 1943 Corsair that she helped her grandfather Joe, rebuild. He loved restoring old planes like that.

She joined the Star Fleet Marine Corps following in her cousin Jimmie Smith's, footsteps. Marjani put her heart and soul into her studies. She worked hard and played hard, it payed off. She rose to second lieutenant in the squad she was with, but was busted down to a corporal due to a fight she got into. Not complaining about being busted down a rank, Marjani exerted extra effort in re-obtaining her lieutenant status.

Marjani went to a specialized flight school where she was able to fly a Romulan Interceptor. She had asked how they were able to get hold of one, all the answer she received was don't ask questions, just be glad you have the opportunity to train in it. Marjani didn't ask that question again.

She joined a specialized team of flighters which went after Pirates, the fighter squad was named the Black Knights.During her time with the squadron, they did charity work, teaching kids to play baseball and playing baseball with teams gathered around.

Her squadron got involved in a dogfight with pirates, the commander of the group being killed along with the the other upper rank. Marjani rallied the other pilots and they routed the pirates driving them away and saving the ships they were escorting. She was awarded her second lieutenant status once more.

Marjani got the name of Voodoo due to her being from New Orleans, and the little voodoo doll she likes to carry around.
Service Record 2378-2382 - Star Fleet Marine Corps
2382-2384 - Marine Corps Advanced Fighter Course
2384-2389 Black Knights Squadron- Marjani received her rank of Second Lieutenant, in 2385 but was busted down to Corporal due to a fight she got into. Rose back to her rank of Second Lieutenant in 2388
2389 Transferred to Starbase 36
2396 Transferred to the USS Aphrodite