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Lieutenant Commander Daniel Dreiberg

Name Daniel Patrick Dreiberg

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid/Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color grey
Physical Description humanoid with grey eyes but appears mostly human, he is fit and yet avoids the gym. He has a few scars on his back from shrapnel during the Dominion War.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Tau Elbrun (Betazoid - deceased)
Mother Tabitha Dreiberg (human - deceased)
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family none that he is aware of (all records of known family have them all perishing during the Dominion War. Mother was an only child and Father's family were diplomats for Betazed that were targeted during Dominion War.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daniel is a gentleman to the core. But he was raised in a very stern home and was an only child. His human mother was very strict in how she raised him, but his Betazoid father was easier on him. Having been in Starfleet since he was 14, he is sort of regimental, empathic and understanding towards others but you will do well to stay on this half Betazoid good side. He strives to treat all as equals, as he can overlook race, creed and religion. He has been known to jump before his speaks so sometimes giving orders is hard for him as he likes to get things resolved as soon as possible. He is a talker as he had more nurturing form his human mother. He does wear his heart on his sleeve and will work with all to help them with any trouble they are experiencing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Empathy/slightly telepathic with other telepaths
+ Communications Skills (Knows Betazoid, Federatoin Standard, Bajoran, Vulcan, Orion, Gaelic, and a little of each of the following: Andorian, Tellarite and Ferengi)
+ Protective
+ Strong medical/surgical skills and great bedside manners.

- Overbearing when under great stress
- Explosive temper when he realizes he is wrong
- Over protective of those he is closest to
- has a strong fear of suffocating
Ambitions To one day maybe serving as the Chief of Starfleet Medical
Maybe settling down to raise a family on one of the forest moons of Endor
Hobbies & Interests Reading classic graphic novels of comic book heroes mainly those of Detective Comics
Swimming (skinny dipping is preferred method)
Camping (Primitive-style is preferred but camping in general)

Personal History Daniel Patrick Dreiberg, was born on the Io colony to two Starfleet Officers. His father was the commanding officer of the space station at Io. His mother was the chief science officer of the colony. Dan spent half his time between on the station and the colony while he found he would rather be a doctor than a basic scientist or in command. He always wanted to join Starfleet, and when he was old enough, he majored in medicine and surgery. He wanted to be a doctor. He was an only child, His father was Betazoid and his mother was human. He got most of his outward appearance from his human genes and yet he got the telepathic/empathic genes of the Betazoids. He has his mother’s last name as he spent most of his time with her when he was growing up. His father was from a noble family on Betazed with the last name of Elbrun.

At the age of 14, Dan was already gifted in how fast he could learn things and was granted and extremely early enrollment to Starfleet Medical Academy. He was sort of a prodigy and thus got an early start on his studies. This allowed him to be able to branch out into multiple disciplines. His first year, he did Xenobiology and Human Physiology. The next year, he focused on Vulcan, Andorian and Telerite Physiologies. Being younger than the rest of the students, he did more studying then partying. Dan was also assigned a special residence for his first two years to allow him to mature and get some education under his belt before being exposed to the traditional college life. When he was 16, Dan then officially moved into a dorm and had a roommate who was one of the few Orion students in the medical academy. They grew close as Jarenn was also a prodigy and thus the reason they were assigned to be roommates. Jarenn and Dan were practically in all the same classes from this point onward, even taking the Kobyashi Maru exam at the same time. While Dan earned a high mark on the Kobyashi Maru, Jarenn was not far behind. They remained good friends and vowed to keep in touch as they got their assignments after medical schooling.
Dan did his internship year aboard the USS Faragut, which happened to be the ship his father had his first assignment on. At the end his internship and upon passing his licensing exam, Dan underwent specialized training to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. However, he would also be a doc-of-all-trades by the end of it all. His residency was then served aboard Starbase 22 where he was was also learning to deal with infection diseases and xeno-viral agents. Starbase 22 was really a large medical facility that was on the forefront of field of medicine and allowed all that were assigned there to really master their skills. His residency was quick because of his ability to learn and master his skills quickly. So after two years, Dan was able to be assigned his first official posting as a doctor.

In the rank of ensign, Dan was assigned to the USS Ajax as a doctor for that ship’s first deployment. Over the next three years, he remained on the Ajax them being deployed on a long assignment at the outer edges of Federation space. At the end of that tour of duty, Dan was promoted to Lieutenant JG and then assigned to the USS Astor under the command of Captain Pollux and got assigned as deputy chief medical officer. He served on that ship until Captain Pollux retired from service. Then upon the recommendation of Captain Jameson, who was the first officer under Pollux, he transferred to the USS Wilmington also as the deputy chief medical officer. During his time on the Wilmington, Dan grew to really handle his genetic abilities and even found a way to have his empathic/telepathic skills help him in treating his patients which really helped them feel more comfortable overall. The last month of service on the Wilmington saw Dan promoted to full Lieutenant.

Dan, now a full lieutenant, was looking to do more on ships that had more exploration possibilities, he got himself reassigned to the USS Saratoga as interim chief medical officer while they were in space dock to have the new sickbay overhauled. The Saratoga was supposedly scheduled to go to the outer edges of the Gamma Quadrant for a four year mission once it left space dock. However, Dan got to set up his dream medical facility on the Saratoga when the overhaul happened. He loved practicing medicine and wanted to get back out in the frontier. The crew on the Saratoga was a skeleton crew and he was the highest-ranking officer assigned to the ship when an ambush occurred at space dock. He took full command of the ship and get the crew out of harm’s way as well as save many lives at space dock. Then the Dominion War happened, and he remained at space dock having transformed it into a triage station and he tended to the causalities that would come there before being dispatched to medical facilities or morgues. This set him up for a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and would get him assigned to the USS Aphrodite as the Chief Medical Officer.

So, after the war ended, he got moved to the Brand-New Luna Class USS Aphrodite, its new mission patrol what once was the Romulan Neutral Zone in the Beta Quadrant.
Service Record Starfleet Acadamy
USS Faragut (Internship) Ensign
Starbase 22 (Residency) Ensign
USS Ajax (Attending Assignment) Lieutenant JG
USS Astor (Deputy Chief Medical Officer) Lieutenant JG
USS Wilmington (Deputy Chief Medical Officer) Lieutenant JG/Full Lieutenant
USS Saratoga (Interim Chief Medical Officer while in Space Dock) Full Lieutenant
Space Dock Triage Center during Dominion War (Interim Chief Medical Officer)
USS Aphrodite (Chief Medical Officer) Lieutenant Commander