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Lieutenant Sanaa Amariza

Name Sanaa Amariza

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 150
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and skinny with a slightly toned out build, Sanaa is most known for her firey red hair. In uniform, she is plain, keeping her hair up in a regulatory bun. Her face is almost oval shaped, with a slight bend at her jaw lines.

Her skin is light and often slightly dry looking. She has a tattoo of a blue, purple and pink bird on her right shoulder.


Spouse Jaral Amariza
Children Dalila Amariza
Jabari Amariza (deceased)
Father Praul D'hara
Mother Kizarailia D'hara
Brother(s) Lorgan D'hara
Kilnar D'hara
Forest D'hara
Sister(s) Melanna D'hara
Other Family Tulin Harril- Beloved family friend, unofficially adopted as a sister.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sanaa is quiet and shy, but is very friendly. She has a deep caring for the people she interacts with on a daily basis. She tries to hide it at times, but doesn't do a very good job at it. On a good day, Sana'a can be seen walking with her head held high. On days when she is sad or uncertain, she looks at the ground. Sana'a typically wears her emotions on her sleeves, but tries very hard to pretend she is OK at every moment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Strong willed

Sometimes overthinks
Does not make friends easily
Suffers from PTSD after losing her son
Although Sanaa is great at dealing with people in a professional/therapy setting, she does not have strong social skills.
Ambitions To raise a well rounded family
To explore the galaxy and learn about new people
To help those in need
Hobbies & Interests Spending time with her family
Strength training
Doing her makeup
Taking long, relaxing baths
Being in nature
Arranging flowers

Personal History Sanaa grew up primarily on Betazoid. A lover of life, she was often found running around in the forests and fields, playing with birds and any other wildlife she could seek the attention of. She could often be found in the middle of the fields, gazing up at the stars. Having being picked on by other children, she didn't socialize too much as she got older.

Her father and mother were both doctors. So Sanaa grew up exposed to medicine. As she grew into adolescence, her parents would teach her whatever they could about medical science. They never noticed her interest in space. Or at least, they chose not to entertain it. When she was of age to go to college, Sanaa entered medical school with high recommendations, thanks to her parents.

Sanaa enjoyed her parent's passion and earned the highest marks in her courses, but something was missing. Her time away from nature made her long for her education's end. But Sanaa pushed it out.

While in school, Sanaa fell in love with and married her husband, Jaral. Shortly after marrying, the two welcomed their first child, Jabari.

Sanaa graduated medical school and started her residency in the ER at a major hospital on Betazed. Near the end of this time, Sanaa became pregnant with her second child. She went through the motions, day by day and treated her patients. It wasn't until the last day of her residency that Sanaa's career choice took a fateful turn.

As an accident at a power plant engaged most of the hospital staff, Sanaa's worst nightmare happened. She watched as her husband came through the doors of the ER, their limp son in his arms. The only one available to triage her child, Sanaa scanned her son. Having fallen with an illness at an incurable stage, they lost their son.

Grief stricken, Sanaa blamed herself for not being able to save him. She quit medicine, vowing to never practice again and secluded herself from society. A few months later, she gave birth to their second child, Dalila. Still grief stricken, Sanaa was unable to care for her child. Jaral spent most of his days taking care of both of them, Sanaa's parents helping on occasion. It wasn't until her parents brought in a grief counselor that Sanaa began to pull out of her depression. Over time, Sanaa began to enjoy life again and eventually went back to finding the joy in having her family.

She went back to school, choosing to earn a new degree in counseling. She decided that she wanted to help people in the same way her grief counselor helped her. Soon after graduating from college with high marks for a second time, Sana'a received an invitation to join Starfleet. Having some curiosity about the stars, Sanaa accepted a commission and took her family to the stars. And thus her Starfleet career began.
Service Record The Aphrodite will be Sanaa's first posting. :)