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Lieutenant JG Maria McMahon

Name Maria McMahon

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid

Physical Appearance

Height 5F 5"
Weight 140 Lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color Blue


Father Charles McMahon
Mother Anne Marie McMahon

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Her main strength is protecting those she loves and living life to the fullest, although her main weakness is being afraid of her gifts.
Hobbies & Interests Archery & Swimming

Personal History Maria was Born to Charles and Anne Marie McMahon in the east end of London in the borough of Popular in 2366, her father owned one of the contacted ships that was used by Starfleet R&D to transport Secret stuff all over the galaxy. Whilst he was away delivering goods, her mother worked as an aide to one of the Betazoid delegates on Earth. It had become a joyous day for her Parents when Maria had arrived, after all her Mom had slept with one of the delegates and had told her husband who had forgave her transgression, and not knowing if Maria had gained any of the betazoid traits.

When Maria turned 5 years old, She attended Kingswood Primary School, where for some reason she felt that she was somehow different than those in her class. Some of her new classmates' families felt that she would be praying on their children's thoughts until her own mother explained that they were unsure what side of her family she took after word had gotten out about her mother's past.

For the next 5 years, Maria relaxed and started to get good grades without hindrance from those around her, she then started to make friends at the school which made her feel more at home at the school which pleased her Mom. Maria started to smile and have fun with her new friends and hoped that they would be with her when she moved up to the next school.

It was during her teenage years that Maria started to hear the thoughts of her friends and had decided to confide in her mom, asking Questions on how she had gained this ability, it was only then that she had learned the truth that the man she had called father was not even her true father, It was her Mom who had told her that she had a one night stand with a Betazoid which had resulted in her birth. Now she was having come to terms with learning how to control it.

It was during that time that she blossomed and a beautiful young woman took a job in a local restaurant learning how to run the stock, but she wanted to learn more and do other things, as she continued to learn and gain a bit more of an understanding.

In 2384, Marai’s grades in school good enough for her to apply to starfleet academy although she was still learning how to control her gifts without letting on she had them as she did not want anyone to know of her mother's failings, so she kept them hidden even in her part time job she hadn't told anyone about them, even after her first year it had been a struggle but had managed it with a few slip ups along the way.

It amazes her how long that no one had cottoned onto her gifts and with the few slip ups that she had even questioned her even in her psych evaluation even some of her friends hadn't picked up on it, as all they had seen was a happy go lucky girl, until the christmas of 2387 when her Mom and stepfather showed up and she found that her stepfather had been drinking and in a drunken rage blurted out to her friends and teachers that she could hear others thoughts.

This had embarrassed her mom as questions now were being asked about her heritage and had came to light about her Betazoid father whom she had never known or had even met as she then turned on Maria’s Step father whilst in front the the academy commandant who agreed that Maria could continue At the academy on the stipulation that another Betazoid started to teach her control of her gifts.

Now with her secret out in the open, and with those she had once called friends had now deserted her in their anger that she might have cheated by using her gifts in lessons, Maria had felt alone and abandoned until that was when a Betazoid woman turned up at the academy claiming to be her grandmother. It had been a shock to her that Starfleet had contacted the Betazoid government and had given her DNA to find her Father.
Service Record Service record
2384-2385-Cadet Years 1 Basic training
2385-2386 Cadet Years 2 Operations training
2386-2387 Cadet Year 3 warp core theory training
2387-2388 Cadet Year 4 Stock availability training
2388-2388 Cadet Cruise: USS Palmer

Starfleet Service record:
2388-2388 Cadet Cruise USS Palmer
2388-2389 Ensign- Operations Officer-USS Pallett
2389- 2390 Ensign Operations Officer- USS Gemini
2390-2393- Ensign- Operations Officer Uss Galileo
2393- Present-Lt Jg Operations Officer USS Rutupaie