In order to write with us, we do ask that all players read and adhere to the following rules:

1) Play nice and play fair. If you can’t do that please take it somewhere else.

2) We are a Star Trek simulation and therefore based in the world that Gene Roddenberry put forth in the various television shows, novels and movies of the same name. Character names, backgrounds and species must all adhere to the realm of that franchise.

3) God-modding will not be tolerated. (If you are not sure what that means go to: Form Roleplaying)

4) Canon characters and relations to canon characters are NOT allowed.

5) Disrespectful treatment of other members of the sim or command staff will not be tolerated. Anyone who disrespects the hierarchy will be banned immediately.

6) Harassment of any kind, on any platform associated with this sim, will not be tolerated. This includes posts, private messages, emails, OOC discussions, Discord channels and any other associated communication. If any player is found to be harassing others, they will be banned immediately.

7) Posts with other writers must only be posted with permission. Posting joint posts (JPs) without permission from everyone involved in the JP is not allowed. Once a JP is complete, each participating author must add their names to the footer of the post. Do not add characters that do not belong to you to the footer. Only “sign” the footer with your character and position when you are finished with the post.
Example: Lieutenant Charlie Barker
Chief Engineer

8) Promotions and awards will be handed out on a case by case basis.

9) In character or out-of-character, flaming or personal attacks will not be tolerated, unless it is an agreed upon plot point between characters and writers. If there is an issue, please contact command staff and they will mediate.

10) There is no limit to how many characters you can have, however don't spread yourself too thin.

12) Players will be given three warnings. If, by the third, the behavior has not been altered, the command staff will have no choice but to remove the offending player from the sim.

We are all here to have fun and our conduct towards each other is important. We may not always get along and we may argue and irritate each other, but here on the Hades we require those incidents to be handled with civility and respect. If you need help please contact one of your Command Staff - Commanding Officer, Executive Officer or Second Officer.