Once More Into the Breach

Posted on Thu Mar 23rd, 2023 @ 1:35am by Captain Elena Lightwood

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[Computer Starts Log]

Well here it is my first proper command, Earth Space dock has been accommodating and the training vessel me and the future crew of the Aphrodite have been on has been more than adequate, For the last two weeks we have been involved in relief efforts with the Norway Class Vashta and Her crew.

It has been a perfect opportunity to see the crew work in real time. Of course I served with Miles on my last assignment and that is why I chose him as my executive officer for the USS Aphrodite, Miles has been a long term friend and in some cases almost a son to me, I grew up with Miles's dad and we served our tenure at the academy together, so I felt almost obligated to care for him.

The rest of the crew have been hand-picked by myself,Miles, and Liutennant Commander Yoshi. We have spent the better part of the last couple months in talks with starfleet and being to and from the Aphrodite. Vice Admiral Deering will be our contact at earth spacedock he will give us our missions and we will report directly to him.

Talina my beloved daughter will be joining us as one of my merry crew, she has been looking forward to her first assignment since graduating the academy, myself and my mother were both present for her passing out parade and it was my highest honor to hand deliver her assignment to her in person.

Right now I expect she is awaiting me to pick her up at the transporter room, but I wanted to notate this personal log before I go and get her ready for the briefing in an hour or so with Vice Admiral Deering.

I have been looking over the recent entree applications One such application Is Doctor Daniel Dreiberg and impressive tenure in starfleet and one soul with whom I feel will keep me on my toes, of course I will make the preparations to speak to his previous commanding officers to make sure that he is the right fit for the aphrodite and her crew, for they are now once and forever my family.
[Computer Ends Personal Log]



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