Through the Eye of The World

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The USS Aphrodite fresh out of dry dock, brand new with a brand new crew. Eleana Lightwood a brand-new captain for a brand new world. On the boarders between federation space in the devron system, close to vulcan a small federation colony has been ransacked by what they can only describe as pirates. A Federation Medical Officer Sebastian Kremensin is missing presumed MIA from the scene. Starfleet Command Has sent Captain Elena Lightwood and her band of merry men and ladies to investigate what happened to Dionysus Colony.

Part of The Tamarin Conspiracy

Greys Anatomy

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The Crew Of The Aphrodite Reach The Crossing between the Gamma and Delta Quadrents Upon arrival they warp in to a sector with a wonderful looking planet! Almost like earth, When an away team go down to the planet.. They slowly realise that the planet is full of a virus! that attacks cells and renders the victim pretty much helpless! It is up to the science and Medical crews of the USS Aphrodite to figure out its origin and find a cure all in 48 hours before the away team looses function of there bodies and minds!


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AS The USS Aphrodite disembarks from Tranquillity Base Luna! Captain Elena Lightwood Receives word from her Brother that her Daughter was almost captured by he insane father Aster ve, Its off to Starfleet Acadamy to pick up Tallina and then Straight To DS9 To Be Briefed By Admiralty before the crew Deaprts for the Delta Quadrant!