The Boat that Love Built

Posted on Tue Jan 28th, 2020 @ 2:42pm by Captain Elena Lightwood & Commander Miles Williams

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Tranquillity Base
Timeline: 2pm December 16th 2395

It had been a while since Elena Penelope Lightwood, had been anywhere than at the forward viewing deck. Tranquillty base had been her home now for 6 months. Her ship the brand new intrepid class named the aphrodite was nearing completion. Her bouncy blond hair and black eyes transfixed on her screen as she looked through applications.

She was in a standard-issue Starfleet uniform dress in the command colors. Her left hand was twidlling her hair which had a cute almost 1950s style floral scarf holding her up. She was awaiting miles her executive officer, she had hand picked him from a pool of command graduates.

Hearing the bell the she smiled "Enter all ye who are faithful" she was in a cheery welsh accent as she turned towards the door her hands in her lap.

Miles couldn't help but chuckles as he started to enter. He was dressed modestly, just in standard issue starfleet dress. Gold engineer undershirt broke up the grey. "These need more color." He thought as he walked up to who he assumed was his new boss.

He stuck out his hand, his standard greeting. "Captain Lightwood? Commander Miles Williams "

Elena stood and wrapped miles in a hug, she was more of personal captain "You look oh so like father miles" she said ruffling his hair. Stretching out arms with him in them at length "The same eyes" she said laughing "Please commander come and join me" she said smiling as he hair bounced as she moved "I havent seen you since you were five years old at your fathers passing out parade" she said drinking from her mug of tea.

"That was a while ago." He smiled, returning the hug. He felt a warmth for some reason. Like an instant friendship. He replicated himself a coffee and took a seat.

She smiled as he returned her hug, watching him replicate the coffee "So we have a fresh enisgn commander our helmsman im going to need you to meet him off the transport in a few days"she said smiling at him warmly.

"Definitely can do." He smiled, taking a sip of coffee. "How fresh?" He chuckled

Elena looked over her mug at him "Fresh out of the academy miles" She said with a little giggle "Also later today we need to go and see the station quater master we need to sign off on all our supplies before we head off out of dry dock" she said taking another sip "Your father woudl be proud of you miles" she said, she had known the now admiral williams for a long time and miles for most of his life, it wouldent be long before her own child would be abord the aphrodite.

"Thanks for that. It means a lot Elena." He grinned. "I'll really have to call him up later. At least before we leave."

Elena smiled as she lightly placed her hand on his shoulder "Miles you never have to thank me your as much a child to me as my own is" she said smiling at him "lets go and see teh quatermaster who knows maybe we will meet another of our famed crewmembers along the way" she said standing and placing her cup on the side.

"Works for me." Miles said




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