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My My My Delilah

Posted on Sat Apr 11th, 2020 @ 9:56pm by Captain Elena Lightwood & Commander Miles Williams & Lieutenant Commander Eric Stevenson & Lieutenant Commander Anye Yoshi & Lieutenant Sanaa Amariza & Ensign Tridi

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Tranquillity Base Loading Bay
Timeline: 2:30 pm 16th of December 2395

Elena walked the walls of tranquillity base, She'd met with miles a bit before so that they could get acquainted with each other once more. Next stop was the quartermaster so that she could sign off on the aphrodite supplies, Her hair bouncing as she walked towards the loading bay, Tranquility station was teaming with people and elena still had one meeting left, her bajoran second officer, she hoped she had come aboard in time for there paths to cross.

Anye was talking to the quartermaster. There was a special cargo coming in for her research and she wanted to make sure it was handled with special care. The quartermaster didn't seem to like the life cargo, and had no idea how to take care of it.

"Listen," Anye said, trying to explain again about the situation, "the animals are not dangerous to the crew. Also I gave the specifications of their cages for in cargo bay. They come with their food. And I intend to grow them more. The stock is small. Just a few goats and chickens, nothing more. I am just not sure what the problem is."

Elena herd the kafuffle and walked over to the quartermaster "Excuse me i think you'll find these animals are to be placed in the loading bay of the USS Aphrodite" she looked to who she assumed was anye "Lieutenant Commander Yoshi i assume welcome to tranquillity base" she held her hand out for her to take "Quartermaster please have these animals loaded stat o i will be on the phone to the admiral and you wouldn't want that would you?" she said with a little smile.

"Yes, ma'am," Anye said, That would be me, captain. Thank you for helping me out. I would be your chief science officer. I thought to bring on board some life stock, which could help with the food supply. I thought a cow might be to big and I didn't want to use up too much space on the ship. We're going to the Delta Quadrant and we need to be ready for anything. So I got 15 chicken and 7 goats. And the hydroponics bay is coming out nicely so we can grow our own food as well. Just doing my job for the mission, right?"

"Dont see why not. I'm for it." Miles replied. "And essential I'd say. Taking Voyager's precedent into account. Right Captain?"

They were lost. All the base maps and computer directions in the world weren't getting them where Sana'a thought they were going.

"I think we should have turned left at the last corridor." her husband, Jaral said. "Mooom, I'm HUNGRY!" four year old Dalila said for the umpteenth time. "And so is Ferris!" she said, holding out the handle of a bird cage she was pulling behind her. The bird-a parrot they'd picked up before leaving San Francisco- had plenty of food to keep it happy.

"Alright, Dalila,we'll get something to eat soon, I promise." Sana'a said stepping through another mystery corridoor. "We just have to find the-" suddenly, she had found herself in a room full of animals. She saw two other officers standing in the area.

"Look mom! Animals!" without missing a beat, the little girl ran towards them shouting "What are they? Can I pet them!?"

Jaral took off after her to stop her and Sanaa shook her head before realizing just who one of the people standing in the middle of the room was. She immediately stiffened up, embarrassed and nervous at the same time.

Anye loved children. She leaned over to the child. "Hello there, do you like my goats and chickens?" She asked as she smiled friendly." She pointed in to the direction of a group baby goats. "Those are the easiest to pet. They also love petting and if you like you can give them a bottle of milk." There were 3 baby goats walking around in the hay.

Dalila's eyes and mouth opened wide as she took a breath of excitement. She looked back to her parents. "Can I, Papa? Pleaseeeee!"

Jaral looked at Sanaa and back to their child. "Go ahead." he nodded. "I think she's from the Aphrodite, too." he whispered to Sanaa, picking up on her uneasiness.

"Oh!" she quietly exclaimed. She studied the woman's face for a moment, trying to place it with the crew roster she's skimmed over en route to Tranquility. "Lieutenant Commander... Yoshi?" she asked the woman who had invited Dalila to feed the goats.

Elena smiled as she saw the small child and greeted the two new lieutenant's "Lieutenant's Yoshi and Amarazia welcome to tranquillity base this is my executive officer miles williams" she said holding her hands out for them to see miles. The quater master had started loading the animals into the aphrodite "We board our fair ship in a few short hours be sure to make the best of your time" She said flashing a small smile.

Ensign Tridi stumbled around the expansive outpost known as Tranquility Base looking for any signs of life that could help him. As the only member of his species, the Jyracans, he wanted to make a good impression among the rest of the crew and he hoped that he'd be able to do just that. His species wasn't a member of the Federation, they had actually turned their backs on what was known as Warp Drive to remain insular, and if not for his being rescued by the Excelsior he wouldn't have seen the light of day again after the test failed. Now he was among people who seemed to be like him and dreamed of the stars.

If only they gave better directions. Here is was trying to find his ship. The only thing harder to find was the bathroom.

Anye smiled. "How about I take care of you and your family." She had in the meantime made a bottle for the baby goats, that the child could use to feed them. "Here you go little one, have at it."

"It's good to meet you. I look forward to serving under you." Sanaa genuinely said to the Captain and Miles. "This is my husband, Jaral and the little one is our daughter, Dalila." she nodded in acceptance to the Captain's words. "I don't s'pose the boarding dock is too far from here?" she asked. "We've been wandering around in circles for a bit." she admitted.

Elena laughed "Please follow me" She said looking to everyone "Lets get everyone boarded so that we can get underway" she said holding herh and out for everyone to step on the loaidng plat form.

Eric was sitting in a cafeteria looking at the padd he got regarding the new ship he was transferring to. He studied it while having coffee. He sat near one of the windows as to look out, as the light shined in, not to mention it was far away from the other people. He could still feel their stares, hear their whispers, he just shook his head and smiled.

As he drank the coffee, he looked at the specs of the entire ship, layouts, all the decks, etc. He even did a nose dive into Captain Lightwood. Just looking at her accomplishments, awards, other commands.....Wanted to know a little bit about his new CO. Just then a small young woman approached him and nervously asking him..."Mmmore coffee sir?" Eric looked up seeing her and just said "yes, thank you." His eyes went back to the padd.

Eric checked the time....Downed the coffee, picked up his bags and started heading out. People still staring..until he walked out the door. He stopped at a wall computer terminal and asked where the USS Aphrodite was located. It showed him the dock number and which turbo lift to take.....As he arrived, he looked out for a minute of two to just take in the new ship.

As she was showing everyone the loading platform she saw another of her new crewmates "You must be Lieutenant commander Stevenson please join us whilst we get on board and helping people get there stuff on board" said holding her hand out to the loading platform.

Stumbling through the corridors, still lost amidst the sea of stars, Tridi thought he'd never find his way. The last thing that he would ever want his crewmates to find out was that he was lost, he'd never live it down. As the ship's navigator it was his job to be able to plot a course to get them from Point A to Point B.

He rounded a corner and stepped through a massive clamshell door. The green furred alien looked around, seeing a group of people nearby. "Hello?" He called out in greeting.

The Amariza family walked down the hall, Dalila having forgotten she was hungry and toting her bird after feeding the baby goats. Jaral smiling contently over watching his daughter do something fun and Sana'a ready to just start the next chapter of their lives. She was excited to finally get to explore space, but nervous at the same time.

As they made their way to the boarding docks, they came across Tridi. She sensed him before she heard him. Feeling grateful that she's grazed the profiles for the senior staff, she immediately knew who he was. "You must be Ensign Tridi?" she asked. "I'm Lieutenant Amariza." she said, extending her hand in a standard greeting. She knew nothing about his people, and was fascinated at having the chance to learn about them. "We're all headed to board the Aphrodite, if you'd like to join us."

Elena looked to the newcomer and moved over to greet him "Ensign Tridi our brand new helms man" she said extending her hand as her blond locks bounced "Please join us were just loading up the Aphrodite and getting our selves ready" She said with a brief smile, as she checked over the padd in her hand.

The furry alien's face rose to a toothy, devilish grin with the invitation. Finally, after stumbling around, he'd found the way aboard the ship. "Thank you for having me," he greeted as he walked along with a single bag in hand. "I've looked forward to this since I was rescued by the Excelsior."

"Rescued by the Excelsior?" Sanaa asked. She found herself immediately intrigued, but knew not to pry. Although she was nervous about meeting all these new people, she felt a sense of excitement at starting this new adventure.

"It was a very long time ago and a very long story," he could see his mother's face as they came for her in his head. It pulled his lips into a frown before he could stop himself, his heart instantly longing for the family he'd been forced to leave behind. The world that failed them all. "But we have an amazing adventure ahead of us now," he forced optimism from his darkness.

Sanaa could tell that Ensign Tridi had been through a lot. She had a feeling that she would probably be talking to him more as they embarked on their journey. "Yes we do!" she exclaimed. "Intrepid class starship headed to explore the unknown!" she exclaimed.

She was still nervous, though. Until recently, Sanaa had never really left Betazed for very long. And when she did, she had never gone as far. Her family was important to her, and now she wasn't going to be able to see her parents so much anymore. She felt Jaral give her shoulder a loving squeeze of reassurance. Dalila was oblivious to her surroundings, pulling her bird behind her and humming a children's song.

"I'm sure that we have an amazing adventure ahead," the green furred alien said with a wickedly large grin that would give a Denobulan pause.

Elena looked around at the crew assembled "Once we got all of supplies we will beam aboard and get our selves settled" she said lightly walking into the throng of people.

"Good. I'm really excited to get underway," the alien said eagerly.

Elena looked to her new helms man "We have an entire world to explore Ensign Tridi" she sadi smiling at all of her, Pressing her comm badge "Six to Beam up" she said with a wide eyed smile adorning her face.

The shimmer of the transporter enveloped Sanaa and her family as they were whisked away to the Aphrodite. She looked around the transporter room. This was going to be their new home. She looked down at Delila, whose little eyes were about as wide as the Captain's. "Woooowwwww!" the little girl exclaimed. "That was so cool!" She skip-hopped over to the Captain and politely cleared her throat. "Excuse me, Captain. But the Amariza family requests permission to come aboard!" She said with the polite professionalism of an over excited child.

Although Sanaa had been trying to teach Dalila how protocol worked, she was not expecting this and really had no clue how to react. "Eh, uh, well..." she paused, then straightened up a bit. "Permission to come aboard, Captain." She said, not really knowing what else to do.


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