Through the Eye of The World

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Mission Info

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The USS Aphrodite fresh out of dry dock, brand new with a brand new crew. Eleana Lightwood a brand-new captain for a brand new world. On the boarders between federation space in the devron system, close to vulcan a small federation colony has been ransacked by what they can only describe as pirates. A Federation Medical Officer Sebastian Kremensin is missing presumed MIA from the scene. Starfleet Command Has sent Captain Elena Lightwood and her band of merry men and ladies to investigate what happened to Dionysus Colony.

Mission Group The Tamarin Conspiracy
Start Date Sun Mar 19th, 2023 @ 7:32pm
End Date Sat May 27th, 2023 @ 7:32pm

Mission Summary

With Her shakedown cruise, the USS Aphrodite is sent to the devron system to investigate a raid and potential kidnapping of a starfleet medical officer. During the course of the mission it is concluded that the people behind it are a well armed and manned crew, we don't know what species they maybe but we know they have considerable firepower and advanced weaponry.

The USS Aphrodite tracks them to inside the Neutral zone and they come face to face with an old romulan warbird.

The crew of the aphrodite assumes it is a rouge sect of romulans.

This is the first interaction the aphrodite has with the Tamarian crime syndicate.