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The Lightwood Danvers Melancholy

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 @ 11:19am by Lieutenant Kara Danvers & Captain Elena Lightwood

800 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Captains Office
Timeline: TBD

Elena had just got back from her mission to mars, Talina had been settling nicely and now Elena had a brandnew tactical officer to welcome aboard the ship. She was in civvy clothes, off duty but this is how she met most new crew members , in her right hand a small glass of white wine and the lights in her room were bright as she sat on the sofa. Her hair was up in a small bun and she had a small white and blue polka dot dress on with the matching the pumps. He legs were up on her coffee table as she looked over the new arrivals file "Very impressive" she said taking a swig from her wine as she waited for Lieutenant Danvers to arrive.

Kara shifted on foot once she actually got on board. Giving a bit of a stretch before heading to the nearest Turbolift. Calling for the Captain's Office. She hadn't even checked in with the Quartermaster yet about her quarters assignment. So she still had her duffle on her shoulder. Once she reached her destination, she pushed the door chime."

Elena smiled as she pushed the button on her table "Enter" she said as she stood smoothing her dress over as she stood waiting for the door to open, Her personal quarters where always more preferred for first meetings it helped a little with formality and that was something elena hated.

As she always did, she looked around the office once she stepped in. Looking for personal items, anything else that stood out. Setting the duffle down and coming to attention. No salute of course as they were 'indoors' and you only salute when wearing a cover. Which you also don't wear 'indoors.' "Lieutenant Kara Danvers, reporting, Captain."

Elena smiled as she stepped forward "At ease Lieutenant. Please come and join me" She said drinking from her wine glass "Can I offer you a drink Lieutenant?" she asked with a lovely smile on her face.

Assuming Elena meant the couch. Moving over and sitting down on it next to her. Slightly turned in her direction, "If you mean something alcoholic, no thank you, it doesn't affect me to start with. Thus, no point in my drinking it."

Elena smiled "Im giving you a 3 week open window that should be good enough time to get things moving and shaking any problems report directly me" she said it was going to be an extensive mission but one she felt danvers could live up to "You Dismissed liutennant go and settle in I'm sure the crew would like to see you at the function later this afternoon" She said standing to shake her hand.

Elena smiled "Not just alcoholic you can have what ever you please Lieutenant," she said looking around. "I have to say your file is rather impressive" she said looking now to the lieutenant "I know when you were assigned that we already had a chief tactical officer but he has since had to be reassigned so how does a promotion sound to you?" she asked studying the new comer a little as she waited for a reaction.

Kara shook her head, "Regardless, no thank you. I'm fine." Listening while Elena continued, raising an eyebrow. "That is unexpected, though I am certainly not going to decline the promotion. Sounds great!" She smiled probably more than she should have.

Elena smiled "I have your quarters, assignment papers and meeting schedule right here! I will need a favour though I need you to interviews with all crew get a scope on there back ground I know files hold some information but I want a better overview of my crew and where there been and where there going" she said crossing her legs, not that she feared her crew were double agents but something was off in the air and she needed Danvers to get a scope on them.

"That extensive?" giving a thoughtful look a moment, "I don't see why should be that much of an issue. That also meant that there wouldn't be anyone looking to far into her that didn't need to know. "How much time do I have to get it done?

Elena looked to Danvers "You have a three week window to complete it in is that enough time Lieutenant?" She asked standing holding out her hand for her to take.

Reaching out, Kara took the out stretched hand, shaking it, "It will be if its not, Captain."

"Thank you Liutennant Danvers I hope to see you on the bridge" Elena spoke as she opened her blast door "You are Dismissed" she said with a wide smile.

"I will see you in a few then," Kara nodded and turned heading out onto the bridge and to her station.


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