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Mars and Beyond

Posted on Sun Sep 27th, 2020 @ 8:46am by Captain Elena Lightwood & Commander Miles Williams & Lieutenant Sanaa Amariza & Lieutenant JG Maria McMahon & Ensign Tridi & Crewman Apprentice Talina Lightwood

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Aphrodite Bridge

Elena shimmed into the bridge of her brand new intrepid class ship, Looking around at her crew, with a wide smile "Ok Eveyrone let's get into our positions" she said sitting in her command chair "Myles if you would"She said talking to her XO as he motioned for him to take his seat next to her. It would be a shakedown cruise to retrieve her daughter who was just fresh out of the acadamy. Looking to her Helms man "Ensign Tridi lets get those engines ready" she said crossing her legs a little.

Pressing her comm badge "Bridge to Engineering give us full impulse and spool up the warp engine" she said now looking to her science officer "Lieutenant Commander Sensors to maximum and let starfleet know we are ready to depart" she said now looking to her cheif armory officer "Stevenson lets get those weapons up we dont know what could be hiding out there" she said as she herd the engines drone to life "As a wise man once said Engage" she said pointing to the view screen, with a wide smile on her face.

While the family was getting settled into quarters, Sanaa was standing by in her office, getting her appointment calendar set up and working on setting up the atmosphere for her patients. She felt like she was ready for anything that could be thrown her way. She could sense the excitement of the crew as they made preparations to get underway.

Ensign Tridi crossed through the Bridge of the Intrepid Class Aphrodite toward the crescent shaped Flight Control workstation. It was a lot larger than he ever imagined it would be, with six individual panels each displaying detailed data on the engines and navigational array. The computer system identified him as he sat down, using his clearances to provide all the details he needed.

"Engines coming online now."

Elena smiled as she looked to her crew "Thank You Ensign" she said crossing her legs as she looked now to the view screen "Ensign Tridi please Hail Starfleet I want to let them knnnow we are heading out" She said smiling once more as she felt the engines powering on "now that is a feeling I do love" she said turning into her chair a little.

The green furred alien nodded at the order. Typing on the far panel of the crescent shaped flight control station, his clawed fingers pecked at the panel opening the channel to traffic control. Seconds passed by quickly, "Transmission sent. Ops has cleared us for depature."

Elena Smiled "Then Ensign Bring us out 1/4 impulse and lay in a course for the mars colony" she said tapping into her chair console "Science do we have sensors?" she asked as she looked to her science officer.

While this was going on, Commander Williams looked into his monitor located beside his seat. He mumbled to himself as he did. Mostly just double checking everything.

Maria sat at the Ops console after she had been to see the quartermaster about her quarters which was in the Senior officers section, she had not even relised that they were that big with how well furnished they were, as she looked over at the commands that she had tapped in, she said " all moorings are cleared and unbillical's are detached," she finished, We are now floating under our own power,"

Elena Looked to her Ops Cheif "thank you lieutenant Mcmahon how are our supplies looking?" She asked with a jovial smile towards the chief, She could feel the power running through the ship "Ensign Lets pull her out" she said speaking to Ensign tridi at the helm station.

"Sir, Whilst I was getting my room sorted, I made it known that I wanted a full run down of our stores," replied Maria as she made sure that everyone was ready, she continued, "also I went down to the stores with the Quartermaster and triple checked everything myself," as she knew things might not be what was in the stores and had made sure everything tallied up.

Sana'a felt the ship moving away from the space dock. Her body began to tingle with anticipation for the adventure ahead. She paused her work to go look at the window. "Soon cool!" she said aloud. No doubt, her husband and daughter had stopped to look at the scene as well. Soon, the stars would be flashing by. She couldn't wait to get things going!

Elena smiled as the stars flew past her view screen "Well crew our first mission is underway" she said crossing her legs the other way "Ensign Tridi whats our Eta to Mars?" she asked looking to her helms man.

The Helm Officer of the Aphrodite glanced at the center console of his panel. He tapped at the indicators, adjusting them slightly as he worked. "We're on course for the colony now. We should arrive in a few minutes."

Elena smiled at her Helms man "Ensign Patch a hail through to colony I want to speak to my Duaghter and Mother" she spoke as he twisted in her chair "Away team meet me at the transporter pad in 10 minutes" She said getting out of her chair heading for the turbo lift "Yoshi,Tridi and Mcmahon your with me see you in 10 minutes" she said as the turbo lift arrived. Looking to Miles "Commander Williams You Have The Conn" she said as she stepped into the turbo lift.

upon hearing her name called he away team, Maria stood up from the Operations console to be relived by another Ops officer, she knew that this was only Mars which was named after the Roman god of war or as the Greeks knew him as Ares, she headed for the turbolift to head towards the Transporter room, She thought oO I wonder what we are going to be doing there? Oo as she had heared the Captain mention her family. were they in trouble or what as the questions began to flood through her mind.

Ensign Tridi nodded at the order, preparing himself for his assignment to the away team mentally. He logged out of the console as another crewman, a Petty Officer, approached. He smiled at the Bolian, "The engines are running a little hotter than they should be, but not too far from normal to be a concern. Keep an eye on them, please."

The Bolian nodded as she sat at the workstation, allowing Tridi to head out.

- Meanwhile on Mars -
Talina stood by the window, looking blankly at the ground outside her grandmother's house. Her mother was on her way to pick her up. Shesighed. Her father had showed up unannounced and it hadn't been pleasant. He had been threatening basically everyone in view. Talina sighed again. Her mother hadn't spoken much about her father. And now she understood why. If she hadn't been raised to have manners, she would have called the man a lot of things. Her mother approve of that. At age 16, she wasn't old enough to be on her own. And she sure didn't want to stay with her father, now she had seen what kind of person he was. Talina shrugged inwardly. Her mother would handle her father. Well, that was kind of wrong.

A father would have been present in his child's life, being loving and caring. The man who had provided half of her genes was more precise. She didn't want to acknowledge the man as a relative. He wasn't worthy of it. She watched as her grandma wandered around the house, dusting off. Despite the woman's casual posture, Talina had a notion Grandma was worried. Talina suspected she feared her "father" would return. Talina was worried too. She didn't want to have grandma scared by her own behavior. So, she kept her calm, even though she felt like pacing. She sure hope her mother would be there soon.


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