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Trip to Mars

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 @ 5:15pm by Captain Elena Lightwood & Lieutenant JG Maria McMahon & Ensign Tridi & Ensign Talina Lightwood

1,428 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Transporter room 1


After heading to the armoury to get her side-arm and holster and tricorder, Maria knew that they were heading down to Mars to pick up the Captain's daughter, However; she knew that it was better to be ready for anything than none at all, as she arrived into the Aphrodite's Transporter room and looked at the Transporter chief. She said," Before the Captain arrives, I want you to keep a lock on the Captain at all times,"

"Aye Ma'am," replied the young Transporter Chief looking back at his new boss, as he knew that Maria was watching all of her staff for the next few months, but he knew that the Captain would be the priority, as he asked," How long do you think you will be down there Ma'am?"

"Unsure at this time, but as soon as you have a lock on the Captain's Daughter, keep a lock on her as well," replied Maria as she knew that the Security chief would be watching the Captain, as the door slid open to reveal the next member of the team.

Ensign Tridi strolled through the door into the Transporter Room for his first official away mission since graduating from Starfleet Academy. His unnatural smile - disconcerting for some while comforting to others - was plastered all over his green furred face. "Ensign Tridi, reporting as ordered!" He exclaimed.

Eleana went and grabbed her side arm and tricorder from her ready room and she made for transported room 1, her uniform clinging to her as she walked. It had been a while since she had seen Talina and it would be nice to have her aboard as they made for the delta quadrant, walking in she saw everyone in place "Thnak you for joining me on this mission everyone" she said stepping on the pad as she waited for lieutenant commander Yoshi to arrive.

"Ma'am, if I may ask what is the mission here?" as she asked the question as she walked over to the Transporter Pad and stood behind the Captain, she thought to herself oO with no
briefing, what are we doing on Mars? Oo as she waited for the Captain to answer her question.

Elena looked to her operations chief "To Retrive my Daughter Lieutenant" she said with a smile "She will be joining us for our mission to the Delta quadrant" she said turning around to face the doors .

Tridi stood silently thinking of his own family at that announcement. His thoughts wandered through time to the last sight of his mother and father, fighting no less, regarding what was to come. His joining the stars cost him his entire family, his world, as they destroyed all that came believing themselves to be the center of the universe. It still made him sick to his stomachs.

"I'm ready to go," he gathered the strength.

Elena looked forward to the engineering chief "Beam us down chief" she said as she readyed her self to see her daughter for the first time in months, Talina and Elena were close, Elena missed her more than she dare mention. She felt the pads underneath her feet wiring to life.

Tridi held his breath as the energy field overtook him. It was a habit that he'd done ever since the first time he'd transported. The moment that they arrived on the surface, he let the breath escape. "Fascinating."
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mars Surface (Lightwood Residence)

Elena whirred into her mothers garden, adorned with fresh orchids and freshias, all varying colors. Mars was warm and tempret and Elena smiled "I grew up tending to these flowers" she bent and smelled the flowers, walking up to the solid oak door, Elena waietd for her mother to come to the door, the little raspy welsh woman that she was. Elenas hair bounced in the wind as she raspped her hand on the door once more.

"Lovely flowers indeed," the green furred alien said looked at them. "I rarely have seen flowers such as these." His world, which technologically backward, had so few patches of green from the over crowding.

Elena smiled as she looked at her helms man "My mother was the best florist" she said as she laced the her fingers through the petals of an orchid, standing now she hard the door and there standing in front of her was her dainty mother "Mum"she said as he ran over and wrapped the woman in a hug.

"Elena" her mother said as she held her close, but something was off and Elena could sense it in her mother "WHats up mum?" she asked coming out of the hug "He was here Elena Talinas father he tried to take her but I scared him off" Elenas heart dropped "Tridi Yoshi I need you to make perimeter sweep my ex husband decided to pay a visit and try and kidnap my daughter is that understood" she said yelling to her crew mates "Mum bring me to Talina" Elenas mum wrapped her hand in daughters and brought her into the house.

"Mom!", Talina yelled as she spotted her mom across the room. She ran into Elena's arms. "The despicable man was here. Thank goodness we could barricade ourselves in here", Talina informed her mother. Talina knew that her mother knew how she felt about her father. She noticed the look of anger on her mother's face. "Mom? Is everything alright? Except for the part with my "father"?", she asked.

Elena cuddled her daughter to tight "Now that I'm here everything is fine" she didn't want to let Talina go "Talina your father had no right to turn up here I have an injunction out on him and he was told to no be with in lightyears of you or face a penalty" she kissed her daughters forehead "Are you all packed and ready to go?" she asked as her hand snaked down towards her daughters "Your going to be safe now Talina I promise you" she said holding onto her tight again.

"I'm ready. This is going to be interesting", Talina replied as she hugged be mother back. It was wonderful to see her mother again. She would miss Grandma though. But Talina would keep contact with her. "My suitcase and bag is by the door". It would be wonderful to get out of reach of her "father". She had a lot of names for the man, and none of them were polite. However, her mother didn't like her swearing. And thus she refrained from describing her "father" too colorfully.

Elena looked round grabbing her daughters bags, holding onto her hand now "you will see the stars as I once did talina" she said squeezing her hand tightly, pressing her comm badge "Egineering 5 to beam up" she said as she looked to everyone present "Mum ill keep in contact look after your self I love you"she said blowing her mum a kiss as she waited for the est of the away team to gatehr around her.

Talina couldn't deny that she was beyond excited to see the universe beyond Mars. She held onto Elena's hand as her mother's team gathered up around them. "How does this work?", Talina asked. She been beamed anywhere before. Not from what she could recall anyway, It was going to be an interesting new life she was going to live. She would miss Grandma though.

Elena held onto her daughters hand a little tighter "pressing her comm badge "Aphrodite 5 to beam up" she said as she waited for everyone to get in place as she looked to her daughter "You'll see the world in a whole new light daughter" she said with a smile on her face as she looked towards her childhood home and waited for the transporter chief to signal them to come aboard.

The green furred alien had finished the perimeter sweep and returned to the remainder of the away team. The Helmsman holstered his tricorder and stood near the Captain and their passenger as he waited to beam back to the ship. He tried not to think about the losses that he'd experienced journeying to the stars and hoped that, despite everything, his family was still ok. He was surprised how well things went as half of Mars was still on fire.

Elena held onto her daughters hand as she awaited the beam up "Everyone just awaiting the aphrodite to beam us up if you could all join me that would be great" she said with a small smile looking to those present.


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