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The last Piece of the Puzzle

Posted on Wed May 26th, 2021 @ 11:40pm by Captain Elena Lightwood & 1st Lieutenant Marjani Smith

983 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: MD002

Elena had let the rest of the crew go off and have a little R&R, DS9 was the perfect place to do so! it would be the final stop before they entered the gamma and through to the delta quadrant. Elena's hair was up in a neat little bow, bouncy blond and hung just above her shoulders. Command uniform in prestine condition. There new arrival Lieutenant Smith had quite the record but she was a flight jock, Elena had a fondness for them. She awaited the new arrival in her ready room, then she would take the new entree to the party she had organised at Quarks, time for self and the crew to get to know each other a little better over drinks and some good food, pressing her comm badge "1st Lieutenant Smith I will see you now" she said as she waited pushing the things on her desk into a neat order before she arrived.

Marjani walked in, her gait confident and had a smile. "Hello Captain Lightwood, I was summoned? Hopefully you didn't get the wrong person from the summoning circle." her smile broadening.

Elena returned the jovial smile "A sense of humour i like that" she said laughing along with her "well i can only hope the summoning circle did its job" she said with a light wink "Please just call me Elena for the time being I'm off duty but when we are on duty it will be Captain Lightwood" she said with a brief smile "Please come and join me on the couch help yourself to any refreshments you so desire and I hope you packed your best because we have a party in quarks to attend after our meeting" she said with an even wider smile.

"You can call me Marjani or Voodoo whichever you prefer. I answer to either." taking a seat and picking up a couple of crackers with some cheese on it. "Something good to wear. Um... is it dressy dress? As in wearing a dress and sandals or can I wear nice slacks with a nice shirt? Or jeans with a flight jacket and a good shirt?"

Elena looked up and smiled "Nice to meet you Marjani," she said looking the new comer up and down "What a lovely name sounds almost french in origin" she said taking a swing from her drink "More of a slacks and a nice shirt kinda deal" she said " I had a chance to look over your file and might I add its impressive the Aphrodite has earned a stunning pilot and I'm proud to have you aboard" she said taking a sip from her drink again.

"Oh good, am glad of that, as I don't think I have a sexy red dress to wear to the gala." Marjani quipped. Picking up a glass of beverage some tea it looked like. "I don't mind going to a party and at Quarks eh? Wonder if he has forgiven me on breaking the bank that one time." giving a smirk.

Elena laughed as she took a sip from her tea and eat a cracker with some brie cheese on "Ahh don't worry your in safe hands I tend to opt for 1950s dresses something about that era of earth history just speaks to me" she said with a wide smile "Looking over your file I saw that you had a few reprimands i want you to know that that will all be forgotten here as long as we have a mutual understanding and respect for each other I will be a very accommodating and friendly captain" she said looking over the rim of her cup at the other.

"Yes, I have had a few reprimands, and had been put in the brig for striking an officer. I hadn't known he was an officer at the time, Star Fleet. He was, getting a bit too frisky for my taste A gal just doesn't want a person to grab the nether regions if you get my drift, out in public. I decked him, and well that started a bar room brawl. And since he was a 'superior' officer, I got busted down. Honestly, I would do it again, though."

Elena was taken aback a little "Well had I have been your captain id of let that slide you ask me the guy had it coming and you didn't deserve brig time or a demotion for that the guy should have been demoted and struck off" she said with a smile "Bar brawls? Whats life without a little risk eh Marjani i don't mind bar brawls infact I was in the academy with a young man Called EJ Irish good looking mean right hook kid became a commodore even after all his darkness so if there's hope for EJ O'Donnaghue there is hope for everyone" she said with a brief smile "Plus you'd of gotten on with him mean sense of humour too to was the Irish blood I swear" she said with a brief laugh, grabbing the padds from beside her "Here is your duty rota, quarters assignment and security clearance codes" she said pushing them all in front of the other "Do you have any questions Marjani before we split this ship and go and have some fun?"

"I have only one, ready to go party?" giving a laugh. Giving her new CO an impish smile. "I just have to change and then off we go."

Elena smiled "Then you are dismissed 1st lieutenant go and get ready and I will meet you at the docking ring" she said with a wide smile, draining her tea and setting her cup down.

"Sounds good." setting her own cup down, and rising up from her chair. "Meet you at the docking ring." giving a wave and a toss of her hair. She was looking forward to this a lot.


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