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Attack of the Raptor

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 3:19pm by Captain Elena Lightwood & Commander Miles Williams & Lieutenant Kara Danvers & Lieutenant Sanaa Amariza & Ensign Talina Lightwood

1,572 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: Shakedown
Location: USS Aphrodite

Transporter room:
Elena had asked to be beamed back up, as soon as she was beamed aboard the red alert klaxon sounded, Looking to the rest of the crew around her who had been on the away team, Panic written all over her face, as she clung to her daughter Pressing her comm badge "Bridge what in hells name is happening? Miles give me a report?" she said as looked to the crew "You herd the red alert battle stations GO!" she said stepping off the transporter padd "Talina stay with me" she said as he looked at everyone awaiting miles to report"come on miles report in?" she muttered under her breath the klaxson sounding over head as she squeezed Talinas hand.

Tal, looking at her mother, nodded. It wasn't often she saw her mother like this. She couldn't recall the last time she had seen her mother afraid. It alsa told her that she needed to keep calm, even though an alarm was never a good sign. "I'm not going anywhere", she assured Elena. There was no way in hell that she would let her mother freak out of her own. Besides, Tal was of no use at an alarm sound for the time being. "What's going on?", she asked, even though she already knew her mother was waiting for an answer from this "MIles".

"Romulan vessel decloaking off the port bow. Bearing 113 mark 06. She's not looking friendly. Shields up, weapons armed." Kara's fingers moved over her stations console in her 'alcove' quickly. She heard the Captain's call, but wasn't answering it yet..unless Miles didn't.

"We got Romulans up here Captain." Miles said simply. "T'Varo class bird of prey. I'll hold down the fort but suggest you get up here." he said

Elena looked to everyone in the transporter room "Engineering site to site transport get me to the bridge" she said as she wooshed in a wave of plue particles arriving just in time she sat in her chair.

Sanaa heard the red alert go off. Having been in her own quiet place meditating between patients, she was immediately shaken and even let out a low scream. Her heart raced for several moments as her brain worked on processing what was going on. "Red alert" finally clicked and she snapped herself into reality as she quickly moved to her station.

"Hail them" Miles said, taking the initiative in the engagement. "I dont want to fight if I can help it." he added.

Kara glanced down a moment, keying a few things, then looking back up. "Channel is open."

"Thank you." Miles replied. He turned to face the viewscrren and began to stand. "Attention Romulan vessel. This is Commander Miles Williams of the federation starship Aphrodite. To whom am I speaking?"

Looking on Elena finally saw her XO in in flying colors "Keeping going Miles I'll let you take this one" she said with a brief smile to him "Danvers have those weapons hot I don't want any surprises, in fact whilst your at it give me a tactical run down of the enemy vessel" she said looking around and then straight to the view screen.

"Not going to be happy about it." Kara already had the weapons ready and locked, in kind. "Its a T'varo-Class Bird of Prey. One plasma dual cannon, one plasma dual beam array, one plasma turret, two plasma beam arrays, and two plasma torpedo launchers. Also..that's not a Romulan ship."

Elema looked to lieutenant danvers "Quite the Armory Danvers" she said pondering over what was said "Hang say that last part again? Its not a romulan ship? Elaborate please lieutenant?"

"I mean, its not a Romulan ship. Its Reman. They use the same class but there are subtle differences. Most of the Romulan T'varo ones were destroyed. During the uprising the Remans started building their own. One of the give aways are the markings."

IRW Beltan (bridge)

The bridge of the mighty Warbird Beltan, sat in his captains chair was Toruk, a brawny looking romulan as the Starfleet officer showed on his viewscreen "Commander Williams I take it..." he said in a low drawl as he him self stood " Captain Toruk of The Tal-Shiar Warbird Beltan i highly suggest you stand your weapons down" He said with a smile on his face "Or well we all know how fast Romulan ships can fire its your choice" He said looking on his face meeting the view screen "Send Talina and Elena Our best" he said with an even wickeder smile.

USS Aphrodite bridge

"Nice to meet you, Captain." Miles began. Watching the Romulan smile he was instantly reminded of Rule of acquisition 48. He returned the smile. 'And yes, I do remember reading something of a T'Varo classes speed as where its weapons are concerned, and I don't want to fight." he said. He took a breath.

"That being said. I'm not about to lower my defenses. Just because I don't want to fight doesn't mean that I wont."

Elena looked on in horror how did he know her and her daughters names, it would have to wait until after this encounter, watching her XO she couldn't be prouder of the man he had become! She sat there Smirking as he looked at Miles take charge and lay the law down law.

Toruk noted how steadfast the young man was, looking now to his Armoruy officer "Fire all batteries" he whispered "I dotn want anything commander but to deliver a message Roasen Braat sends his regards" Toruk said as he herd the disrupters fire off in quick succession.

"Damage report!" Miles said with authority. "Tactical, return fire. Torpedoes, pattern sierra"

Kara nodded and worked with Helm for that pattern. Targeting Engines and the cloaking device first.

Elena looked to everyone "Tal Shiar that is a little odd and I'm curious as to know how they knew my name and my daughters name without knowing us;Danvers? Do you have access to starfleets intelligence files?" She asked looking to her armory officer.

"Shields at 95 percent." Looking back up. "I could, why, Captain?" Kara glanced back down to return fire again on the same targeted systems. With phasers, not torpedoes.

Elena looked to her tactical officer "I have a sneaking susoecion this is my ex husbands doing, he was dishonorably discharged and nothing has been herd of him since" elena was puzzled as she pushed a few buttons on her chair "Kara try and bring up his file see if my suspecions are correct?" she said looking at everyone present.

Toruk almost fell out of his chair as the torpedo hit the starbard side of the ship "Engineering damage report" he barked as he looked to his bridge crew "Vents on the starboard side destroyed, engines running on half power and shields at 50% captain" the young ensign spoke "Tactical fire off a volly of Plasma cannon fire NOW!" he said with a wicked smile on his face.

"Its coming out now, Captain. It will take a minute or two first." Kara also noticing the other part of her screen, "Incoming!"

Elena almost fell of her chair when the disruptor fire hit the shields "I want a damage report NOW!" she said as she swivvled in her chair "When you have it Danvers i want it patched through to me chair" she said looking back to Liutennant danvers "Return fire Forward Phaser banks and a volly of Torpedos" she said wit ha smirk "See how they like that" she looked to the view screen.

Miles grinned. Partly because he got to kick some romulan butt, and also because he was glad that he was now getting to sit. Hed been standing since the battle began.

"All departments reporting, Captain." He said. "Minor hull breach on deck 7. Damage control already on scene and emergency forcefields holding."

Elena lookedto miles "i want all power diverted to weapons and shields" she said with a warm look "Danvers i want you to fire off 3 torpedos one at there main hull and one directly for there warp nacelles "helm Plot a Course for the delta quadrent"

Kara gave a glance a moment and then from Miles to her console. Prepping the locations real fast and then firing.

As soon as the torpedos landed the view screen lit up the warp nacelle blew and the ship was now loosing life support "Well done danvers" elena said now looking for tridi her helms man "Helm get us the hell outta here maximum warp if you please" she said looking over at the rest of the crew.

Felicity, the Betazoid woman that was currently assigned to Alpha shift at Helm, glanced up a moment. Putting in the course quickly. Turning them about while the warp engine coils were charging before she hit the go button. Maximum safe speed warp. 9.92.

As Elena felt the warp kick in, she smiled at her crew.The Aphrodite had won her first skirmish and was now on her way to the delta Quadrant! “Miles of anyone needs me I will be in my ready room you have the Con” she spoke getting up and walking into her office the blast door shutting behind her!

"Aye Captain." Miles said as he shifted over one seat. He took the opportunity to wioe the sweat off his brow "Whew!" he said, more or less to himself.


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