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One Last Stop

Posted on Wed May 26th, 2021 @ 11:40pm by Captain Elena Lightwood & Commander Miles Williams & Lieutenant Commander Anye Yoshi & Lieutenant Kara Danvers & Lieutenant Sanaa Amariza

1,201 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Bridge/Captains office
Timeline: TBD


[Elenas Office]

Elena walked into her office, she walked over to the replicator and made her self a rum and coke. She was now off duty for a while and she sat in her chair when the view screen was beeping "lightwood You have to drop by DS9 to pick up a few supplies and new helms man" Admiral kelly spoke as she saw Eleans face "Oh Admiral wasn't expecting to see you but understood lightwood out ill let you know when I get there" she said switching the view screen off, now pressing her comm badge =/\= Lightwood To Bridge Crew Alter Course to DS9 please =/\=. She said putting her feet up a little as she enjoyed her drink.
[Aphrodite Bridge]

Felicity gave a glance up at the voice. Not doing anything until the senior officer on the Bridge confirmed it and then a cruising speed. Engaging the ship.

Anye was sitting in the center chair. She tapped her badge as she said, "Understood, captain." She then turned to the rest of the bridge. "Helm, you heard the captain, alter course for Deep Space 9 warp 8."

She nodded a moment and tapped along the console in front of her. Speed set. "Engaging. Warp Eight, Commander."

Elena was getting ready, her hours long break from the center chair was over, Her fresh command uniform on and her hair up in a neat bun. Striding through the door to her ready room she was back out on the bridge, where the hustle and bustle was "Commander Yoshi Whats Are ETA to Deep Space Nine?" she asked standing behind the science console "I can take my seat back now Commander you've done a grand job" she said with a wink.

Kara gave a glance as Elena came back from the Ready Room. Giving a light nod to her.

Miles walked in a little afteward, his uniform up to spec as he entered the bridge. He stood at the small console behind the command chairs and looked at the display. "Captain." he said in greeting.

Anye nodded. "Yes, sir and got up and took her place at science." She nodded to Miles who just walked in, "Sir." And then looked on her screen. "Captain at this speed we should arrive...." Paused as she followed the route, "In approximately 18 hours."

Elena smiled and took her place "Thank you commander Yoshi" she said as she nodded "18 hours ok then lets nestle in ladies and gents Operations send a hail audio only to DS9 letting them know of our arrival time" she spoke as he pushed her self back in the chair.

Sanaa gave a quiet, long yawn as she worked away at her console, catching up on her notes. It was hard to believe that she had just started and was already putting herself behind. This was not good. She would have to organize a system for herself if she was going to keep up with things. Although she was well put together, her face looked like she hadn't slept in days. With the kind of rest she'd gotten last night, perhaps she hadn't. "I need caffeine. Stat." She said quietly to nobody in particular.



The asteroid tumbled towards the Nor-class space station, cartwheeling end-over-end on its course to obliterate the station and her inhabitants. T’Saen was in one of two work bees, rocketing towards the projectile. The diminutive vessel lacked warp capabilities, a reasonably-sized cockpit, or even its own gravity generators. The lanky Vulcanoid ignored the sensation of vertigo in his stomach and radioed the Edo in the work bee next to him.

“You can go home now, Goldilocks. If I need someone to wear minimal clothing and jog from place to place I’ll call you” he said sarcastically.

“No way, you overgrown elf. I don’t think this rock will be convinced to change direction by your leotards and crappy dance moves.” Replied the fair-haired pilot.

“How closely you admire, for debris. And according to my calculations if we hit the asteroid with a tractor beam at the wrong angle, it will fracture and rain diamond hailstones onto the station.” Said T’Saen.

“Frankly it’s a hideous design anyway. We would be doing the galaxy a favor by letting nature take its course” said the Edo.

“Pity your parents didn’t feel that way a while back. Adjust course to match the rock’s speed and heading...that’s it. Engage tractor in’s it. Gently. Asteroid integrity holding. Now reverse thrusters.”

“No you reverse thrusters. Back that thing up, pointy ears.” Said the other man.

“You couldn’t handle all this. Release!” Said T’Saen.

The asteroid spiraled dangerously close to the station. It had nearly cleared, when the rotation allowed it to smash into one of the pylons, knocking it clean off. Debris plumed from the gaping hole.

Suddenly the scene melted away, and the sound of laughter filled T’Saen’s ears.

“You really are as dense as dying star. I told you, no one beats the simulation. Not even an egg head like you.” Said the holo-arena’s ferengi proprietor.

“And yet, the idea of being responsible for catastrophic damage is still more appealing than socializing with you, Gnark” said the Edo.

“This was fun, but I need to get ready. The Aphrodite will be arriving soon and I need to comb my hair.” Said T’Saen.


A few hours later, now clad in a fresh uniform, T’Saen waited by the airlock for the telltale hisses and clicks that would inform him of Aphrodite’s arrival. He carried just one duffel bag, choosing to travel light.

Elena looked around at the bridge crew present "Ok ladies and gentleman we are finally at DS9, Now would be an opotune time to go and get some rack time, relax a little before we head for the delta quadrent" Selena said she she stood "Helm let DS9 know we are ready for boarding" she said with a smile "I will be aboard the aphrodite i have a few transfers to handle whilst we are here and a few new crew to welcome so you guys go and have some fun that includes you too miles" She said with a brief smile to her XO, as she waited for the docking rings to click into place.

"What about going over to the station as well?" Kara tilted her head a little bit.

"Ive got no problem with that." Miles said. "I was planning that myself, actually. So with the Captains permission." he smiled. " I'm authorizing shore leave."

She looked to miles "request granted go and have some fun" she said looking around at the bridge

Kara actually stayed there at her post. She was just mainly asking for everyone else.

Elena looked to Kara "That means you to Liutennant go and have some fun this ship will survive one night without her chief tactical officer for one night were docked at DS9 go and have some fun get to know the crew a little that's an order" Selena said with a wiry yet happy smile.

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