Oh The Mocking birds Sing

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Mission: Through the Eye of The World
Location: ESD Confrence room 3
Timeline: MD000 1600 hours

Earth Space dock was teaming with life, New ships and new assignments abound. Walking the halls was Vice Admiral Deering a stout but broad man in his late 50s, Salt and pepper brownish black hair and a small formed goatee. His Command red uniform clung to his muscular frame as he stepped into conference room 3.

Adorning the table was a holograph of the brand new luna class vessel the USS Aphrodite. Taking his place at the head of the table he pressed his comm badge =/\= "Elena Lightwood and the Crew of the USS Aphrodite To Conference room 3 please" =/\=

Elena was in her quarters packing up her room ready for transport directly to the USS Aphrodite. Her office on earth space dock had been packed up weeks ago and was sent ahead whilst the engineers continued to make tweaks to the engines and systems.

Her Comm Badge Chirrped as she heard the voice of Vice Admiral Deering =/\= "On my way Admiral" =/\= She said as she grabbed the top half of her uniforms tunic and buttoned it up. Grabbing her padd as she left her room. Managing to get to the turbo lift, she stepped in "Computer take me to conference room 3 please" she spoke as she heard the magnetic links whir to life and the doors closed.

Kara had been spending her time doing two different things. Part of them were going over scenarios in the holodeck for the new Luna-class, getting her learned in and out for her position. The other was indulging in more...expansive exercises that she usually wasn't able to do; using her full abilities. Stopping mid swing in the air at a type of robot, when she heard the call through the com-system. "Hmm okay. I should probably get dressed then," Kara took time to get her uniform back over her 'other' uniform. Saving the program and exiting. Heading to the nearest Turbolift, calling for Conference Room Three. Once it stopped she walked the short distance down to it and inside the room. Looking to Admiral Deering.

Elena came jogging round the corner out of the turbo lift, Straightening her hair before entering the conference room "Admiral Deering" she said as she stepped into the large room "Lieutenant Danvers a pleasure as always" she said as she went to jointhe admiral at the head of the table awaiting the rest of the crew to arrive.

Lieutenant Commander Dreiberg had just arrived at Earth Space Dock having just traveled three days on a shuttle to get here. He had received word that he would be the new chief medical officer on a ship called the Aphrodite. He had literally just stepped off of his shuttle and go the notification to report to Conference Room Three. =/\= Dreiberg, here. On my way, Admiral." =/\= Daniel then proceeded to find his way to the conference room as all her personal affects were shipped directly to the Aphrodite.

Ensign Tridi had been enjoying the many wondrous shops that made up the Grand Concourse of the Earth Spacedock Complex. Ever since he had been rescued from the makeshift flyer that he and his mother had successfully built and isolated from his people, he had always been fascinated by the different people that he had met in the cosmos. He hoped that, one day, he'd have the chance to return home, but he knew that was unlikely. His people that turned their back on technology, on exploration, and they would die for it. It was painful to think about.

Still holding the shopping bag, the Jyracan entered into the Conference Room.

Talina, having heard Vice Admiral Deering's summon, made her way to the conference room 3, She knew her mother, Elena, would be there too. Elena was the Captain of the USS Aphrodite, where Talina herself was stationed. As she entered the conference room, she saluted the Vice Admiral, and looked around at the crew she was a part of. As she had just graduated the Starfleet Academy, she felt a but unsure where and when to speak up. However, she would show respect to the VIce Admiral and her Captain. Even if the Captain was her mother. The fact that they were related wasn't going to give her special privileges, and Tal preferred it that way, She didn't want special treatment. For her, it was important to earn her place on the ship. As she spotted her mother, she saluted her too. With that, she leaned against the wall near the door, waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive.

Marjani picked up her glass once more, having an ale as she watched the people go by, seated at a table where she could people watch. The Black Knights had been disbanded, she had been taking well deserved vacation from doing any piloting. Also she'd been avoiding her former team mates Heather, Zsa Zsa, and Tricia. Even though she had out flown them and won the title of leader of the pack as it were, the troublesome trio still wished to show her up and get into another competition.

Another sip of her rum, Marjani gave a sigh, wondering when she'll be able to get back to flying and when she would be called back to work. That was when she got the call from her new Captain, Elena Lightwood. Marjani finished the last bit of her rum, picked up her duffel bag filled with her belongings, and headed for Conference Room Three. Being a Marine, Marjani always believed in packing light and having all that she needed being able to fit in a duffel bag.

Arriving at the conference room, the dark haired Marjani stepped inside, giving a nod to the woman who was leaning against the wall and moved to the other side to set her duffel bag down. "Lieutenant Marjani Smith, present." standing at attention and giving a salute to those there.

Dreiberg arrived at the conference room. Having not met any of the crew he would be serving with at this point, he was not nervous as he was always very calm in awkward situations. "Lieutenant Commander Daniel Dreiberg reporting as requested." He stated as he saluted the admiral. "To those here from the USS Aphrodite, I am the new chief medical officer. I look forward to serving with all of you." Then he took a seat towards the middle of the table.

Elena smiled and waved to all the new Entrees "Commander Dreiburg nice of you get here so quickly we weren't expecting you till tomorrow" she said smiling as she looked around at all those present =/\= "Liutennant Commander Yoshi and Commander Williams please make your way to the conference room 3 our briefing is about to start" =/\=

"Captain, I was not expecting to be here until tomorrow either. However, I was able to get an earlier shuttle as I was looking forward to a day of R & R." Dreiberg replied. "But I am happy to be here."

Again Anye Yoshi was going to be late. She was in a cargo bay where she was okaying a shipment of animals to be send aboard the Aphrodite. Since she was taking full responsibility on them she had to take care of it. As she was holding a chicken she got the call from the admiral. She tapped her badge. =/\="Admiral I will be there as soon as possible."=/\= She put the chicken in the holding cage and then looked at the padd the Station operations officer was holding.

"I am not sure what is wrong, but I said 6 sheep, not 16." She sighed. Just send 6 to the Aphrodite and I will talk with headquarters about the other ten. I will also be making a complaint. And where are the cows. And for God sake, make sure the pigs are put in a pen."

This is where the call from the captain came in. She could not hold them off any longer. =/\= "On my way, Captain." =/\= She pointed to the operations officer and said, "I don't know who is making these mistakes, but I will find out. Get the animals where I want them. I have to go now, but I am not signing off until results are made, I checked the order 3 times, I even had my assistant check it twice, I don't make these mistakes, get it done." She then rushed away to the conference room.

Ten minutes later she ran in to the conference room. "Lieutenant Commander Anye Yoshi, reporting for duty. Sorry I made you all wait. There was a thing with the animals...whatever....we can talk about that later." She then noticed she had a white feather in her hair and pulled it out. And she really hoped the others wouldn't smell the animals on her and just sat down.

Commander Williams came in soon after, clutching a thermos of coffee. He nodded to everyone as he sat

The Jyracan looked at the new Lieutenant Commander. Inwardly he asked himself if she had said animals, but had surely misunderstood.

Her shoulders slumped a little bit, since she was still standing there waiting. Kara just looked bored now. "How come everyone is so late?"

"I liked the shopping," Tridi answered cheerfully.

Admiral Deering Whistled "Ladies and Gentlemen Front and center" He said pushing the lights down and pushing the button on the padd on the wall "RIght here we have Lt Commander Adolfa Keremsin missing from dionysys colony on our side of the neutral zone" He said pointing to a picture of the young doctor flashed on the screen "Dionysys Was also ransacked by pirates hours before Lt Commander Keremsin went missing" he spoke as he looked up to the faces in the room.

Hiding his shopping bag under the table, Tridi leaned forward to listen carefully, "Do we have any information on the pirates or their motivation?"

Admiral deering smiled as he looked to the young Jycaren "Fantastic question Ensign" he said with a wider smile "Well most of the Dionysus colony as we know has been in state of disrepair since the Dominion war so surveillance technology and most advanced systems took a hit so we don't have any physical sensor evidence however we do know what the pirates took a vast quantity of medical supplies and some rather worrying alien xeno anthropology research Dr Keremsin and his colleges were working on Dr Keremsin amongst other things is Husknoc Anthropological research scientist amongst being a medical officer" Admiral deering said "Who ever these pirates are want that re search"

"I'm not very familiar with the Husnock," the Ensign answered. "The hazards of being from a planet that hasn't really made first contact yet. Who are they?"

Elena took the floor from here, with astern nod from admiral Deering she cleared her throat "The Husknock where an advanced race with what could only be considered Weapons of mass destruction" She said looking at the crew gathered "The Douwd I think we all remember the Douwd destroyed the entire race of Husknock prime and any Husknock that were in out laying worlds" she said looking at everyone "Now these pirates if they want to find Husknock technology that's a problem not only for us but for the rest of the federation and her allies" she said "I'm open for questions and suggestions crew?"

"Wasn't it one Douwd on Delta Rana IV that wiped out the Husknock? I believe he lived as a human colonist under the name of Uxbridge." Dreiberg added. "I only recall that as I try to be away of the various species known to the federation so I can treat them if needed. My question would actually be, do we have any idea about the specific types of technology that may still exist?"

"That incident the Enterprise D responded to?" Miles asked. "If I remember correctly the Husknock ship Uxbridge manifested gave the Enterprise a run for its money"

"I'm confident that we can maintain safety and survive against such an enemy," Tridi pointed out, having been trained on the history of the Enterprise and her missions at the academy. "Plus, not to offend, but the Enterprise was not as advanced as the Luna Class."

Elena smiled at her crew "Lt Commander Dreiburg That would be correct" She said as she stepped round the table "As Always Miles you are as astute as your father was 10 points to giffindoor" she said winking at him. She smiled at Tridi "Ensign with this crew behind the Conn on the aphrodite I'm sure we willcome out of this unscathed" She said as she looked at everyone present.

Tridi nodded, sharing the Captain's sentiments.

Marjani was listening to what was going on, so they would be dealing with pirates, she's had experience with them. She didn't say anything just listened as this was information that was needed.

Tal listened intensely. This was her first time out of the Academy and this was her first assignment. She knew her mother had been in her fair share of dangerous situations. But it felt odd to be joining her. While it was exciting, she also knew that it could be with lethal consequences. No one could afford any mistakes if bad came to worse.

Admrial Ryan Deering cleared his throat "Thank you for taking the floor captain lightwood" He spoke as he looked at everyone present "OK crew you have 12 hours to make your preparations the aphrodite takes flight exactly 12 hours from now"Ryan spoke as he looked around "As for right now you are all dismissed to ready your selves for he mission to come" he said with a slight smile "Happy hunting out there" he said winking as turned off the holo-screen.

Tridi watched as the holo deactivated, the alien Ensign thinking about how exciting it was for the Aphrodite to be getting out into space for the first time. He just hoped no one asked too many questions about his bags.

"I would request all department heads to stop by sick bay to allow me to get updated medical files in the system for the ship's diagnostic systems and so that we can establish a proper line of communications. Also, Captain, I would like to see you as well." Dreiberg asked of those in the briefing as they were all coming together as a crew and he felt tis was a good chance to get most of them to get in to see him. "I promise it will be quick if we can all make it happen."

"I would be happy to meet with you when ready, Doctor," the Jyracan offered politely. Being the only member of his species within the galaxy most were very curious about him.

"Well set me up, doctor I'll be in the waiting for you to get it started." Marjani replied, with a smile. with that she headed out of the conference room, to get her medical done.

Elena tipped her head to the Admiral "Thank you Admiral Deering I wl let you know once we are cleared to leave dry dock" she grabbed her padd and exited the room with the rest of the crew.

Ensign Tridi followed the Captain out of the Briefing Room, eager to get on the road.

"Well, I got one department head to get her exam. That is a huge accomplishment for a ships chief medical officer on a starship during a briefing." Then the good doctor got up and exited the conference room to go to his office in sick bay.




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